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The Staff & Management of St. Peter's College would like to wish all our students a very happy & safe summer break.

 St.Peter's College News & Announcements

School Start- Up Arrangements 2014 
by Caroline TooleNo presence information
 18/06/2014 14:04
Breakfast Club Breakfast Morning. 
by Caroline TooleNo presence information
 18/05/2014 21:11
Well done to Mr Scully who organised a breakfast morning to thank the LCA students who donated €482 to the Breakfast Club this year out of the €982 they raised on their Activity Day.
The breakfast was also organised  to thank the teachers who...
Keyword Test Instructions. 
by Caroline TooleNo presence information
 18/05/2014 20:50
Self Help- Transition Year Talk 
by Caroline TooleNo presence information
 13/05/2014 16:53
TY geography students cover Development Education as part of their module programme.
Patsy Toland from Self Help visits the geography students to share his experiences in Africa and asks the class - how YOU can make a change to global inequalities?????
YSI news. 
by Caroline TooleNo presence information
 13/05/2014 16:49
Our young social innovators class and Pedro on the way to represent the school at the YSI annual showcase in city west hotel and conference centre.
A huge thanks to this hardworking class in organising many of this years 20 year anniversary celebrations...
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